Verizon Will Soon Start Offering Nexus One Service

It was announced before that Verizon would be officially launching their Google Nexus One service on March 23, 2010. But then we heard the disappointing news that the launch date has been pushed back. Currently, only AT&T is offering carrier services for the smartphone, which you can buy in the US only through Google’s store.

But as time goes on (and we hope not too much time), the phone will spread to other carriers and other countries. The Google Nexus one will soon be available through four major service providers:

* Verizon (partnership has been confirmed however release has been delayed).

* T-Mobile (will be covering the Europe market).

* AT&T (this limited carrier is the only choice in the US at the moment).

* Vodafone (part of the Verizon Wireless network so we can expect them to jump on board soon)

According to rumors, Google together with Verizon will choose the launching date to be sometime during CTIA 2010 to obtain maximum exposure for the Nexus One. Verizon is said to have started training and educating their employees on the Nexus One.

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