[Video] Camera Software Of BlackBerry Z10 Revealed, Includes Instagram-Like Photo Filters

We already know two BlackBerry 10 smartphones are coming before the second quarter of 2013. Later, we came to know via leaked image that the first BlackBerry 10 smartphone will be BlackBerry Z10. Recently mobile blog The Gadget Masters has published a video revealing the camera software of BlackBerry Z10 smartphone.

Camera Software Of BlackBerry Z10

Research-In-Motion (RIM) will bring all series of BlackBerry 10 smartphones with exciting UI. That means Blackberry Z10 smartphone will have exciting UI too. However, according to the video below published by the Gadget Masters, BlackBerry Z10 will have a built-in photo editor including cropping, rotation and Instagram-like photo filters. Besides, BlackBerry Z10 will feature several modes like ‘Automatic’, ‘Action’, ‘Whiteboard’, ‘Night’ and ‘Beach’ or ‘Snow,’ something iOS and Windows Phone do not have natively.

Right now, the camera app along with photo filters of Blackberry Z10 smartphone is in prototype. Several new features will be included in the final version of BlackBerry Z10. See the video for yourself.

Source: The Gadget Masters
Thanks To: BGR

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