Virgin Mobile Offers Black Friday Discounts On Devices, Data Plans

Black Friday is just around the corner now. And in anticipation of the loot sale that the day is, a number of retailers have significantly slashed the prices of their products. Apparently, this also includes the wireless carriers now, as Virgin Mobile has announced a significant drop in the prices of multiple devices for the day.

Samsung Galaxy Reverb

The discounts on Virgin Mobile devices will start from tomorrow and continue all the way till the Cyber Monday. Among the devices that are being offered at a slashed price is Samsung Galaxy Reverb. Although the device originally carried a price tag of $199.99, it will be available for a mere $99.99 from tomorrow.

HTC’s Evo V 4G will have its price diminished from $299 to $199 as part of the Black Friday discounts. Samsung’s Galaxy S II 4G comes down by $70 and LG Optimus Slider will have $30 knocked off its price.

Apart from a discount on the devices available with it, Virgin Mobile is also offering discounted data plans. For instance, it is offering up the unlimited data and messaging monthly plan for $35 per month for Android users. We may see more deals arrive as we inch towards the Black Friday.

Specifically, other wireless carriers will be quick to jump the bandwagon and use the occasion to offer lucrative discounts on their products.

Source: Virgin Mobile
Courtesy: CNET

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