WebOS Expected To Get Ahead Of Rivals Android And iOS

HP officials have big plans for the company mobile platform, meant to boost WebOS’ popularity in the top of the pecking order. However, in order to get ahead, the company has taken a step back. Already the teams have been refreshed, with many engineers from the old guard being laid off.

Also HP announced giving up any new projects that would mean releasing devices based on WebOS. HP CEO Meg Whitman admitted in and interview for CRN that her company had some difficult times but from now on the path is clear and things are going to change this year. “This has been a very rocky period for the former Palm team/webOS team that we built. (…) So now there is a clear vision of what we’re trying to accomplish. There will be some people who will not love that vision, and then there are people who are very excited about this vision.”

Meg Whitman explained that after WebOS moved to open source, the new strengths of the platform would become apparent and become even more powerful. The strategy is to use the WebOS’ advantages and exploit the rivals’ weaknesses to earn a first place on the market. “We’re going to build another operating system that has huge advantages, in my view, over iOS, which is a closed system, [and] Android, which is incredibly fragmented and may ultimately be more closed with [Google’s] acquisition of Motorola Mobility,” predicts Meg Whitman.


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