Will Apple Beat Nokia in Smartphone Manufacturers’ Competition?

The American company IDC has published a report about the most important smartphone manufacturers worldwide. Apple ranks second in this top, just behind Nokia. But there is only a slight difference between the two companies since Nokia has sold 5, 5 million smart phones more than Apple. Last year Nokia lost 15% of their market share and this percentage was equally divided among Apple, Samsung, HTC and the other manufacturers. As for Apple, they increased their market share by 3% and sold 10 million smart phones more compared to the same period of the last year.

Apple’s success is also due to the growth they reported after they launched their CDMA phone in the USA and in China. The company has recently attacked a new market and allowed SK Telecom and Saudi Telecom to be their iPhone carrier providers.

Smartphone sales went up by 80% compared to the same period from last year. The great winners are Samsung and HTC – they reported a growth of 350% and 230% respectively. The two companies delivered 10, 8 and 8, 9 million smart-phones. This is an impressive growth given the fact that they only delivered 2, 4 and 2, 7 million smartphones in the same period of last year. If this trend stays the same, Apple should steal the leader position from Nokia somewhere in the third quarter of 2011. Samsung could outrun RIM and rank third. It is possible that Samsung Galaxy II reports very good sales which are going to rocket the company to the third place.

Apple made a wise choice when they launched iPhone 4 CDMA. The company entered a market where there were a lot of potential clients but no iPhones. It is estimated that around 2 million iPhone 4 CDMA terminals have been sold from February on. Due to this success, Apple will offer the terminal to the other CDMA operators from around the globe which means more sales and bigger revenues for the company.


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