Upcoming Google Event Will Not Feature Moto X

Speculations are high about the upcoming Moto X smartphone, which Google has apparently readied in collaboration with Motorola. Google recently rolled out invitations to an upcoming event and many had hoped that the company may finally unveil Moto X. But certain sources now reveal that the event is not going to be about the smartphone.

Moto X ad

What we know for sure is that Google has an event lined up pretty soon. According to a podcaster named Leo Laporte, he recently received a personal invitation from Motorola’s Guy Kawasaki. In Laporte’s words: “He said we’d really like you to come down to the Google campus for an event — small group of journalists, 50 people, two groups; July 10th and July 11th… I’m thinking it’s the phone.”

While Laporte’s revelation clearly hints that since the invitation has come directly from Kawasaki, the upcoming event has something to do with Motorola. But yet other sources hint that Moto X is not on the agenda right now.

These sources suggest that although the event will be about Motorola, it won’t be focusing on Moto X. This is kind of hard to believe since all indicators hint otherwise. Especially since Google recently ran a sizable ad in the papers, citing the features of the upcoming Moto X handset. With so many pre-event hint, it would be really surprising if the event turns out to ignore Moto X.

Courtesy: CNET

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