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We have some good news for HTC Droid Incredible owners now, as just as you were getting worried about the lack of news regarding the Froyo update for your handset,The HTC Droid Incredible will get some Android 2.2 Froyo love very soon and if all rumours are correct the release date will be August 18…..

The Droid’s slated for a second helping of Froyo, the Droid 2 came with one, the Droid X will see Android 2.2 by early September  when’s Droid number four getting its due? According to Mashable’s anonymous sources, August 18th will be the day Verizon begins the Droid Incredible’s OTA rollout  which lines up pretty well with what we heard a couple weeks back, not to mention the fact that HTC just released the handset’s Android 2.2 source code.

As always, dates slip and Verizon often dishes out small batches at a time, but now you’ve got a ballpark estimate to assuage your troubled mind. And hey, you can always go shoot something in 720p if you get tired of waiting.

Confirmed changes as part of the 2.2 update include a few cosmetic changes to the Google search and YouTube applications, as well as the ability for applications to install directly onto an accompanying SD card instead of the phone’s internal memory. You can input a PIN number instead of a pattern to unlock your phone, if you so desire, and the phone’s voice recognition feature adds support for seven new English dialects, Mandarin Chinese, and Japanese.

Flash 10.1 support is enabled in Froyo, though the feature carries with it the capacity to jump one’s phone up into heavy heats and shorter battery life due to the required processing power. Another significant improvement comes from Android’s mobile browser, which has been kicked up a notch using the V8 Javascript Engine to make for faster page loads. Performance increases to the OS, as a whole, are reflected by a increase of five times the score on the Linpack benchmark versus Android 2.1.

For business users, the 2.2 update brings with it a number of new enhancements to Droid’s Exchange support as well. In addition to the aforementioned PIN-based phone locking, the Froyo update now allows phones to be remotely wiped in case of loss or theft—thus preventing an unknown entity from receiving the keys to the digital kingdom, as it were.

That’s not all, though. The Froyo update also includes new exchange calendar support and auto-discovery setup the latter working on Exchange 2007 or higher as well as global address list look-ups via the phone’s mail application.

Droid-Life has a little information about Froyo on the Incredible, which is quite interesting. They title their article ‘Android 2.2 on DROID Incredible is “Incredibly” Fast’ go have a read and see what you think.

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