Windows Phone 7.5 May Hold Promise For Microsoft

According to reviewers, Windows Phone 7.5 offers a really good experience. Although it hasn’t been a success in the smartphone market, not yet at least, it holds promise. It comes with the flagship awesome usability that Microsoft is known for and makes it very easy and smooth for the user to tool it. Also, with a growing app repository for Windows Phone, it may see better days in future.

Nokia Lumia 800 is a fair example of a smartphone with Windows Phone 7.5. And apart from the sleek looks and designs that Nokia has put into it, the operating system in itself is a pleasure to use. The software for this phone is very easy to use – you can say the way Windows has an edge over Android and iOS, the very same way Windows Phone offers superior usability experience. Android has come somewhat close, with it’s Ice Cream Sandwich, but Microsoft still has the upper hand in developing better user interfaces.

Hardware needs to be improved:
However, the hardware part is where Windows Phone smartphones still lack a lot. The hardware in Windows phones right now is not that bad but it isn’t at par with that being used by Apple or Android smartphone vendors. And a company like Nokia can really develop an awesome smartphone with superior hardware and with Windows Phone and that certainly can knock some percentages from the smartphone market into it’s lap.

Promising App repository:
This might come as a surprise that while Windows Phone still has a meagre 1 to 2 percent market share, the number of apps for this platform have surged well to some 40,000. And is increasing. At least this is promising and kind of obvious too, given Microsoft’s being the largest tech giant globally.

Image courtesy gillyberlin.
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