Windows Phone 7.8 May Be Released On January 31

Microsoft has repeatedly cited that such devices which are currently running Windows Phone 7.5 wouldn’t be eligible for a Windows Phone 8 upgrade. The company did promise that it would release Windows Phone 7.8 for such devices. The good news is that the Windows Phone 7.8 update is probably arriving on January 31.

Windows Phone 7.8

The release date hasn’t been announced by Microsoft’s central Windows Phone team yet – rather, the official Facebook page of Windows Phone Colombia has released the date. We are quite sure that the international roll-out will be, more or less, on the same day.

Alternatively, we can expect different release dates for users in different parts of the world. Nonetheless, it suffices to say that the update is near enough. Microsoft had promised that it would roll out Windows Phone 7.8 within the first quarter of 2013 and it is living up to that promise now.

For such users who are eligible for the upgrade, they will be able to feel a near-same experience as that offered by Windows Phone 7.8. Once the update is here, users will be able to adjust the sizes of their live tiles, send files via Bluetooth and liven up their devices with new themes and boot screens.

Windows Phone 7.8 also packs a whole lot of other new features. So whereas the fact that the Windows Phone 7.5 users won’t be getting WP 8 is a drag indeed, there is something good to look forward in the shape of a Windows Phone 7.8 release.

Source: Windows Phone Colombia

Courtesy: Into Mobile

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