Path Partners With Nokia To Bring Social Network To Lumia Handsets

Path is among one of the more recent social networks which is unique in that it’s rather private. In a surprising move, Path has now decided to partner with Nokia and bring the social network to the latest Lumia handsets. The partnership may finally bring a larger audience to Path.


Nokia has announced the partnership with Path at the launch of its much-touted Lumia 1020 handset. The co-founder and CEO of Path, Dave Morin, has also confirmed such a partnership, citing that Path will soon land on Windows Phone devices.

The new Lumia 1020 comes packed with a stunning 41-megapixels, putting it right at the top of handsets with the most-advanced cameras. Nokia has cited that Path will be available not only on this new flagship offering but also on other Lumia devices.

According to the phone-maker, “Path users on the Lumia will be able to post photo moments that are even more vibrant than ever before.” It makes all the sense for Nokia to create such a close alliance with Path since the company has long been trying to bring more developers and apps on board for the Windows Phone platform.

While Path is not very huge in the apps ecosystem or in the arena of social networks, Nokia is trying to play up the social network and make it identify closely with Windows Phone.

The official statement from Nokia reads, “Path with Nokia will bring more than 50 free and premium filter effects; along with high resolution & deep zoom imaging capabilities that allow users to capture and share those personal moments and every day works of art.” This shows that Nokia is hoping to use Path as an apt substitute of Instagram.

Courtesy: TechCrunch

Image Courtesy: WP Central

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