Windows Phone 8 To Come With NFC, Multicore Support And Even Better Cameras

In the wake of the Windows 8 launch, a new PocketNow report brings to the table some interesting information. Apparently the guys running the website stumbled upon an exclusive video dedicated only to the big men in charge at Nokia, which provided some insight into the specs that the new fatty update Apollo is going to bring.

The next generation OS has been designed having Windows 8 in mind and does not feature a lot of changes in code, at least. That way developers can help themselves to the code in order to work on applications meant for a specific mobile habitat. Apollo also handles native support, thus enabling more Android and iOS apps to come to the Windows Marketplace.

Apollo will bring the much hyped Near Field Communications (NFC) technology and Skype as an optional third-party app that initiates native phone calling. Apart from that Windows Phones will suffer a makeover from their own. They will probably be seeing better cameras, new screen resolutions and Data Smart functionality, in order to enable users to save more cash.

All in all, Apollo is going to be seeing a lot of changes and additions here and there, changes that are meant to transform the OS into a worthy candidate for the throne of the supreme OS. Another challenge is to make the mobile OS more similar to the desktop version of Windows. We hope that’s indeed possible.

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