ZTE Peel for Sprint outed by FCC

ZTE Peel for Sprint outed by FCC, another 3G-equipped iPod touch case….

What is it about the word peel that screams “throw on the back of an iPod touch and grant it the power of mobile internet?” We spotted Yosion’s Apple Peel 520 just this morning bound for Chinese markets, and now the FCC has unveiled ZTE’s own Peel 3G router.

Although the user manual and external photos don’t explicitly state it, one look at the (slightly enhanced) image above removes all doubt that this is made to fit snugly around a certain finger-friendly iDevice with a headset jack on the bottom right.

Additionally, the user manual’s setup screens are all sketched out in what appears to be a more mobile Safari-friendly size. The Qualcomm-powered CDMA2000 case is brandishing Sprint logos on the front and back, which frankly wouldn’t be the first (or even second) time the carrier’s targeted the Apple faithful.

Only this time, there’s no WiMAX — bummer. Crafty, wacky, zany? We’re sure Mr. Hesse is chortling, but perhaps he can catch a breath or two and disseminate out some proper release details post-haste.

Source :engadget.com

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