ZTE Will Soon Release A Smartphone With Firefox OS In Europe

Mozilla team recently unveiled its Firefox OS, the operating system meant to run atop mobile devices. We didn’t hear a lot of interest from mobile vendors until now. But now, it has been reported that ZTE is gearing up to launch a Firefox OS smartphone in Europe some time during this year.

Firefox OS

This scoop has been reported by Bloomberg. According to it, ZTE is currently partnering with an as-yet-unknown European carrier to create a smartphone which will be running Firefox OS. The device, we are told, will be launched some time during 2013.

This is probably the first declaration of a Firefox OS-based smartphone from a notable smartphone vendor. We still have to see other mainstream vendors give a consideration to the just-released mobile OS.

ZTE’s plans regarding the Firefox OS are not confined to Europe alone, apparently. The CEO of the company’s US unit, Cheng Lixin, recently stated that ‘We closely monitor the ecosystem and how it evolves. If that is ready and if consumer studies support that data, then we may launch one in U.S. also this year.’

Mozilla team has confirmed that it is indeed collaborating with ZTE on the said smartphone. Moreover, the team cited, it is also working with other industry giants such as Qualcomm to create Firefox OS-based devices. Naturally, the open-source community is particularly keen to lay their hands on a device running Mozilla’s mobile OS which has shown promise in the demos cited by the company.

Source: Bloomberg

Courtesy: Mashable

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