Motorola’s New Technology – USB WiMax Docking Station

When we use any WiMax in our indoor the signal could be pretty weak to remove this problem Motorola announce a USB WiMax docking station. This is a device that allows the user to place their WiMax USB dongle on it to boost the WiMax signal receptions. Motorola WiMAX USB 200 dongle is supports 2.3GHz, 2.5GHz, and 3.5GHz bands. It has brings new “power boost” mode to connect more quickly to networks.

The Motorola’s USB docking station basically works like an antenna for the Motorola USB 200 WiMax dongle, which it allows the increase of signal performance from 3db to 6db. The docking station has a removable base and suction cups which you can attach it on any window or place it somewhere that the signal is stronger.

This docking station also supports Motorola’s USB 200’s Tx switching capability that features two antennas and switched transmitter diversity. This allows the USBw 200 adapter to tap on the antenna with stronger signals automatically for better signal reception and transmission.

Sources: gadgetfolder

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