Turn Your iPhone or iPad Into Universal Remote With VooMoteZapper

Choosing a good  remote that would go with most of your devices is a tough choice. Most of us have undergone the excruciating process of dumping one remote after another in search for the perfect one. Here, now, our search may end. VooMoteZapper is a small accessory that connects to your iPhone or iPad through the dock connector and converts it into a universal remote for your TV and other home-theatre devices.

The best part about this tiny accessory is that it lets you program this custom-remote and add a whole range of custom commands that you want to accomplish. For instance, you can program a command ‘turn on TV’ on the remote and program the response as turning on the TV and the disc player both. According to the developers,

” Say goodbye to the days of switching from app to app or fumbling for the right remote.  The all-in-one VooMote Zapper software and hardware combine all you need for an entire home entertainment experience. With VooMote Zapper App, you don’t have to sacrifice customization for convenience. Consolidate all your remotes, TV Guide functionality (coming 2012), facebook and twitter (coming 2012) and still define custom remote layouts, programming and much more!”

Moreover, what is more wonderful that a remote that supports multitouch. However, you have to compromise an iOS-5 device to make use of such a remote. But then again, maybe you can make use of that iPhone or iPad that has just grown old and you’ve been thinking of replacing. After all, everything comes for a price. You can purchase VooMoteZapper right away here for $69.95.

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