MWC 2012: Smart Wireless Headset Pro from Sony

Giving the fact that a lot of tech lovers are present in Barcelona these days with the occasion of the MWC, Sony decided to take advantage of this opportunity. And they’ve decided to bring two of their Smart Extras accessories for Android. Even though they’ve already launched them at CES, at that time it was under lock down. So now it was time for full disclosure.

Let’s take for first the Smart Wireless Headset pro. The device can be connected via Bluetooth 3.0 to your Android phone, and through a small receiver it can display text messages, emails, view call records, and send calendar notifications. While disconnected from the phone, it can be used as an MP3 or radio player. It also supports microSD memory card and features a two row display.

Next we have the SmartTags. They represent the most interesting accessory of the Smart Extras. They can be placed anywhere from work to your car and they can be used to launch a pre-configured profile with a single touch. If you customize this tags for your own needs they will really make your life easier.

If you like any of these two Smart Extras you can be sure that either way you go you get a good product.

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