Nanolet: A Sleek Bracelet To Hold Your iPod Nano

Curve Creative, an industrial start up focused on industrial designed, based in Dublin Ireland, managed to gram everyone’s attention lately with a new product. Nanolet is a cool bracelet, with a modern minimalist design that acts as a perfect wrist holder for an iPod Nano. Nanolet design complements Apple’s design concept very well and adds more convenience to an already practical product.

The bracelet specially designed for iPod Nano distinguishes among huge number of accessories that Apple device owners have to choose from. Nanolet secures the small iPod and is perfect for joggers, athletes, bikers or any other people who are very mobile and still need to take along the Apple gadget. Nanolet is easily adjustable for many sizes, but the company suggests that is more suitable for medium sized wrists with a circumference of 165 mm – 185 mm.

Curve Creative announced on its website that more models will be available soon, to accommodate people with larger wrist size. Nanolet is available in more colors to suit as many tastes as possible, black, dark grey, red, indigo and white. Nanolet is available for purchase on the Shapeways website at the retail price of $21.52 (a very slight discount has been applied for unknown reasons to the white model, which is available for $21.31).


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