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The energy savings it conserves from its cleaning efficiency has been redirected to the world’s most powerful robotic vacuum system. At the vacuum’s core is a centrifugal compression impeller that follows jet engine airflow principles. It creates sustained high-powered suction, allowing the Neato XV-11 to thoroughly pick up dirt and debris with unprecedented cleaning performance……

If you are unfamiliar with robot vacuums then let us fill you in. They are not like Rosie the Robot from the Jetsons, they do not have a personality, and they have not yet mastered the staircase. They are a robotic, saucer shaped motorized vacuum which can hover around the house vacuuming unattended. Neato Robotics has developed a robot vacuum cleaner that will certainly give the Roomba a bang for its buck. The Neato XV-11 all-floor vacuum system is armed with 360 degree laser vision which maps out your entire floor space and identifies and avoids most obstacles (rather than just bumping in to them).

Let’s face it, a geek’s solution to keeping floors clean will typically involve either family members, robots, or a combination of both. For the latter two groups, we’ve got news that Neato’s XV-11 is all set to start shipping this week, with retail and expanded online availability by mid-July.

Heads-up, Roomba — your worst nightmare just waltzed into this space we like to call “reality,” and it looks fully capable of giving your dirt sucking powers a run for their money. Neato Robotics, a Silicon Valley startup, has just come clean with its very first home service product: the XV-11 robotic vacuum cleaner. The device is the first to sport the company’s own Room Positioning System, which utilizes an array of sensors to “intelligently map the entire floor space to choose the most effective path to clean the whole room, avoiding most obstacles other robots can only detect by impact.

he XV-11’s biggest selling point is a laser-based room mapping system that will theoretically allow it to avoid objects other robo vacuums would detect only by impact. That should also deliver more efficient route planning for the little sucker, while the saved up energy will be channeled into what Neato claims is “the world’s most powerful robotic vacuum system.

Neato Robotics has created a “smarter robot that thoroughly cleans an area in less time.” Neato uses the energy that saves from its more efficient cleaning route to greatly enhance its vacuuming power. Neato is less than four inches high making it ideal for cleaning under beds and couches. Neato’s “D” shape also makes it a more efficient cleaner than Roomba, allowing it to really get in to those corners. It also has a larger dirt bin. After completing its cleaning, Neato will return back to its base to recharge itself. Make use of Neato’s scheduler to have it clean the house every day.

Probably as much fun as you can have watching something quietly vacuum a few M&Ms off of a carpet. Of course, the selling point is the company’s Room Positioning System, which employs sensors to map the floor space (as opposed to merely bumping off walks). They are clearly gunning for Roomba’s market share here — but something tells me the latter company isn’t worried. After all, we’ve never seen the XV-11 kill a viper.

Some of the other innovative features and benefits of the Neato XV-11 all-floor vacuum cleaner include:

  • Scuff-free navigation: The robot’s RPS technology constantly updates its internal map so it can accurately detect objects greater than four inches in height and carefully clean around them without damaging furniture and walls.
  • Low- profile access: The robot vacuum cleaner’s low profile (less than four inches high) allows it to clean under beds, sofas, and toe-kicks in the kitchen.
  • Smart design and large dirt bin: The Neato XV-11’s D-shape allows it to better clean the corners of a room compared to other circular-shaped robots. This industrial design also allows for a larger dirt bin (660cc or .69 quarts)
  • Self-docking to re-power: After completing its cleaning, it returns automatically to its base to re-charge itself. By utilizing the charging base, the robot is charged and ready to go when it’s needed most.
  • Cleaning scheduler: With its easy-to-use interface, consumers can schedule the robot to clean every day, resulting in a more spotless home.

It still sweeps your floors (hard and carpeted) and you still have to manually dump out the collected dirt, nothing special there. What sets this domestic floor cleaning robot aside is the use of SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) technology to map out the cleaning area. Currently there are no other domestic floor cleaning robots that use this method to map out rooms. Yes, we aware of Samsung’s method and the primitive method used by Electrolux but at the moment nothing like this has appeared until now. SLAM has the edge over the others because it can build maps in an unknown environment, as your home, while keeping track of their current location. In this manner, the robot is able to move around the home effectively while cleaning it efficiently. No more “blind bat” bumping, hitting of delicate furniture and/or keeping you from sleeping!

Basically, the Neato XV-11 gets a 360-degree view of the target room, and then maps out a cleaning plan. It follows the route, and then backtracks to get every little piece of dust from every nook and cranny it possibly can. The petite vacuum is less than four inches tall, so it should be able to fit under almost everything.

Best of all, it can be scheduled when to clean – even daily if you’re really messy. Once finished, the Neato XV-11 returns to the dock by itself for charging.

Based in Silicon Valley, Neato Robotics, Inc. is a venture-funded startup that was founded on the idea that it’s possible to create robots that are smart enough to perform household chores as intelligently and efficiently as a human. Neato Robotics is dedicated to improving consumers’ lives, allowing them to spend less time cleaning and more time with their families and friends. The team of Neato engineers has squeezed innovation from commodity computing products – creating a smarter, more powerful robot vacuum cleaner than any previously seen on the market.

The Neato XV-11 all-floor vacuum system will be available in February 2010 from the U.S. Neato Robotics website. Retail price will be $399, and they even offer a 30-day money back guarantee and a one-year limited hardware warranty. We can’t wait to place Neato and Ronnie Roomba head to head!


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