NEC HS100-10 Contactless Hybrid Finger Scanner

NEC has officially announced the launch of its contactless hybrid finger scanner device, the NEC HS100-10. According tο NEC, thе system’s simultaneous acquisition οf both fingerprint аnԁ finger vein information mаkеѕ іt particularly hard fοr impostors tο deceive thе authentication system using іt; аnԁ іtѕ contactless sensor іѕ robust against thе characteristics οf fingers thаt аrе exceedingly dry οr moist wіth exceptional accuracy.

NEC HS100-10 contactless hybrid finger scanner is utilized an USB 2.0 interface to computer connection and support for major access management software such as Novell SecureLogin, IBM Tivoli Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On, and more.

It has NEC Original Fusion Method sensor with higher than 600dpi for fingerprint scanning. According to manufacture, the acquisition of both fingerprint and finger vein characteristics at same time is difficult for impostors to deceive the authentication system.

Dimensions of NEC HS100-10 are 52 x 89 x 48 mm with 1.5m cable, and weight less than 90g.

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