Super Talent CoreStore MV

Super Talent debuts CoreStore MV a super small and it is world’s smallest and fastest mini PCIe SSD.Super CoreStore MV will deliver unforeseen performance with read speeds of up to 350MB/sec and write speed on the MLC drives of 80MB/sec……

Super Talent Technology is a leading manufacturer of Flash storage solutions and DRAM memory modules announced their CoreStore line of SSD solutions designed to bring a new level of performance to the SSD market.By combining the very latest Marvel controller (88NV9143), new DDR ONFi 2 flash and plugging directly to the PCIe bus.Super Talent is now able to create two solutions that deliver unforeseen performance.Super Talent has a drive to fit many popular applications in two standard formats, mini-PCIe and PCIe Card.The mini-PCIe card is perfect for embedded applications, Industrial PCs, All-in-One PCs, Netbook PCs, NotebooksSuper Talent also offers a version of this product that will plug directly into a standard PCIe card slot; perfect for any Desktop PC.

If a manufacturer or individual building his own small system wants to save on space and weight then the mini-PCI version of CoreStore looks like an ideal solution. It’s offering better performance than a standard hard drive while taking up hardly any space, using less power, and producing less heat and noise.As for the PCI version, if you are short on hard drive bays or SATA connections it’s a nice alternative. The fact they are very fast drives too makes for a compelling product if the price is right.At the moment we don’t know how much the drives cost or how they compares to the more typical SATA SSD drives. They don’t need casing like the SATA drives do, so they should cost less to manufacture. But the use of this new ONFi 2 flash may push the price up.


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