Nissho 52-inch Glasses-Free 3D TV

Nissho starts selling 52-inch, glasses-free 3D TV with Full HD resolution in Japan and hat can pump out full 1080p of 3D vision without requiring any headgear from the viewer. The 52-inch lenticular TV LCD TV offers full 1080p visuals without the need to use glasses thanks to a fancy lens set-up stuck to the front of the display which lets each eye see different frames of a video signal and designed for a B2B usage, the BDL5231-3D2R is sold in Japan at around 1.7 Million Yen and comes with a nice 8ms response time LCD panel………


Nissho Electronics Corporation Inc., a company specializing in visualization Enujishi group companies is Dimenco Displays BV will begin selling high-performance business autostereoscopic displays. Than in NGC 2006 Royal Philips Electronics NV was doing the selling autostereoscopic displays. Its display is a proprietary format 2D + Depth is evaluated with high video quality, has the more than 200 sales in Japan. Recently, PHILIPS Dimenco succeeded more products and intellectual property agreements NGC agency has now decided to market the latest autostereoscopic displays. The display brightness was higher than its previous assessment of PHILIPS, to significantly improve the viewing angle. Thus, NGC has PureColor, PureContrast, PureBrightness can now stand autostereoscopic solutions for use in a wide range of applications has been achieved. NGC has made deployment of digital signage business in recent years, the future, 2D as well as 3D visualization environment will continue to conduct high-impact offers even more mixed. This year, Dimenco 52-inch autostereoscopic display system 100, aims to sell about 100 million yen.


Stereoscopic imaging technology for consumer film and television, game console, has already become common in mobile devices. The NGC and Dimenco, developing will Ubeku a high-quality solutions to solid shaft autostereoscopic display. In addition to the initial model 52-inch autostereoscopic displays, playing content as software for making free stereo plug CG, DirectX Visualizer (main game can be viewed in real time), OpenGLVisualizer (real-time display software mainly scientific) provides. The method of 3D video glasses 2D + Depth has also developed software to convert formats in real time autostereoscopic displays will support a number of stereoscopic environment. NGC will be held at Makuhari Messe from June 10 through June 08 of this product, Dejitarusainejijapan 2011 will be held at Tokyo Big Sight from June 24 through June 22 and 3D & Virtual Reality Expo will be displayed along with the latest content.





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