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OptiShokz Revvez: Bone Conduction Audio Sunglasses

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AfterShokz’s bone conduction technology, delivers a totally tuned-in audio experience unlike anything else before it. But it’s not only a music gadget, it’s also a sun-glass. You can walk into a conference room with this gadget on while listening to your favorite song and go completely undetected.


How is Bone Conduction Better?

Imagine for a second, you are sitting in a conference room and you get a call. What would you do? You can choose not to pick up the phone, but what if the call is from someone important? In such a setting, using the Bone Conduction is a far better alternative because of two reasons. First, you won’t be disturbing anyone in the room. That should be the first priority. If you ask others why they avoid picking up phones in meetings and conferences, they would say they don’t want to disturb others. To those people we say, who said you would have to compromise picking up the phone. OptiShokz comes with high-tech sound technology LeakSlayer ™ that prevents sound leakage.

With Bone Conduction method, the vibration is received straight by your Ear Drums. This way you are not busting out volume on the outside thus saving you the embarrassment. OptiShokz Revvez comes with 5.0 Bluetooth. This means you can connect it with your Smartphone and receive phone calls as well as listen to music.

Looks Are Important

The Optishokz is not only a device that you can wear in order to listen to music. It’s also a sun glass. This is why the looks matter. The company has stated it is  offering the best pair of bone conduction sunglasses ever made available. In fact you get to choose from four available glasses for the nylon frame.

In case you are wondering about a full overview of its features, here is a quick look at them.

  • Best-in-class bone conduction audio
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Behind the ear transducers
  • UV400 polycarbonate interchangeable lenses
  • TR-90 nylon frame
  • 2-year warranty
  • Guaranteed shipping June 2019

Wrapping Up!

The company AfterShokz that built the OptiShokz had previously made a product for athletic use. The headset was waterproof and was named Xtrainerz. If you have used this gadget, you should know what to expect from Optishokz. And that is only the best.

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Akash Kumar Biswas

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