Panasonic Lumix ZS7

Panasonic Lumix ZS7 is a camera with GPS,12x zoom, 720p HD and many more.Enojoy Panasonic Lumix ZS7….

Where do we start? This camera looks awesome. It has built-in GPS for geotagging, including a database of about half of a million landmarks all around the world for even more precise tags. 12x zoom, 720p HD in AVCHD lite format, full manual controls, and it’s small enough to fit in any small pocket. We’re eagerly awaiting this one,

The camera shoots 720p high-definition video, and you can use the zoom lens and continuous autofocus while shooting. Either way, photo quality and video quality won’t disappoint.

RSM Marketing, an Internet marketing company based out of the UK, has announced that they are launching a new review website that will feature information on Panasonic Lumix ZS7 Digital Camera.

That’s the good news. As with most point and shoot cameras, the results were stellar in bright, bright light — like outdoors at the beach. In darker settings, like shade and dusk, the results were a little soft.

Zooming in gets the acclaim, but going really wide is probably more used and beloved. Any time you need to take one of those big group shots, you want to go wide so you don’t have to stand a block or two away.

“The goal of this website is to give interested customers the convenience to be able to find the information they want about this outstanding product put out by Panasonic Lumix. This item is very popular and so we have setup this review website that is an affiliate site.”

They also wanted to point out that his company is in no way a part of Panasonic Lumix. It was added that this is strictly a review site setup to refer potential, interested customers to the product.

The Lumix has a terrific wide view, which actually worked best for me when shooting video clips at the beach while roller blading. I picked up the cyclists and joggers on both sides, and it looks really cool.

That said, the video is a bear to work with, as it’s in the AVCHD Lite format, whose clips won’t open with QuickTime Player or Windows Movie Player. You need to convert them before you can watch them, unlike more consumer friendly cameras like the Cisco Flip and Canon’s PowerShots, which offer video in formats that don’t need to be converted first.

Key features:

1.Price: $ 399.95.
2.Dimensions (WHD): 4.1 x 2.4 x 1.3 inches.
3.Weight batteries and media: 7.6 ounces.
4.Megapixel image sensor size, type: 14-megapixel, 1/2.3-inch CCD.
5.LCD screen size, resolution / viewfinder: 3-inch LCD screen, 460K, dots /None.
6.Lens (zoom, focal length) aperture zoom: 12x, F3.3-4.9, 25-300mm (35mm equivalent).
7.File format: JPEG / AVCHD Lite (. MTS), Motion JPEG (. MOV).
8.High resolution size: 4000 x3, 000 pixels / 30fps 1280 X720.
Image stabilization mode: Optical and digital optical and digital.
9.Battery type, CIPA rated life: Lithium-ion rechargeable 300 shots (GPS off).
10.Camera batteries: The external charge.
11.Storage media: SD, SDHC and SDXC.
12. Software: PhotofunStudio HD Edition 5.1 (Windows only).

General Shooting options:

1.ISO sensitivity (full resolution): Auto, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600.

2.White balance: Auto, Daylight, Cloudy, Shade, Halogen, Manual.

3.Recording modes: Smart move, Automatic, Program, Aperture priority, Shutter priority, Manual, Scene, Custom, MySCN 1 and 2.

4.Focus Modes: Face, one-point, one-point (high speed), 11-point, Spot, Tracking AF.
5.Measurement modes: Center-weighted average.

6.Color effects: Standard, Black & White, Sepia, Warm, IA mode (only) in Happy Cool.

7.Minimum burst shooting mode (full resolution): 5 images (Standard quauality), 3 photographs (good quality).


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  1. pc repair

    I will tell you right now: This camera will help me make memories in Key West! I know what I’m going to ask Santa for Christmas.

  2. pc repair

    I will tell you right now: This camera will help me make memories in Key West! I know what I’m going to ask Santa for Christmas.

  3. Cma_5963

    Sadly the photofunstudio 5.1 crashes my Windows 7 every time

  4. J88net

    I love the camera and hate the photofun studio 5.1 that came with it. I can’t find all my pictures on my computer now from my old Canon camera. It did something with my zoombrowser. And I am not sure what size to make my pictures they come out tooo large. ugh too much work.

  5. Etdc

    why wont my videos on my lumix download on to my mac?

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