Panasonic’s HDC-TM35 HD camcorder

It’s a new HD camcorder by Panasonic.Panasonic HDC-TM35 is with 32x zoom,full HD quality,32GB of internal flash memory and many more…

Leave it to Panasonic to yet again stake claim on a “world’s” achievement that generally isn’t on our radar. The company is again claiming it offers the world’s lightest HD camcorder, this time the HDC-TM35, sporting 1080i recording and hybrid image stabilization that allows you to “vigorously shake the rock” according to the infallibly auto-translated press release.

Yesterday, Panasonic unveiled the HDC-TM35, which they are proudly calling the lightest camcorder capable of Full HD (1080p) in the world. The new camcorder will weigh in at just 185 grams, and is being aimed at women, as they’ll be coming in appealing (or they’re supposed to be) little handback like cases.

For colors, they’ll be out in white, purple, grey and gold. No pink, sorry. On the technical side, the camcorder will boast 32x zoom (and, rather unbelievably, Panasonic says that the camera will retain full HD quality all the way to 32x), 32GB of internal flash memory, SD card slot, an HDMI interface, a 2.7-inch LCD display. The machine translated Japanese boasts “332-megapixels” on the sensor, which is hopefully incorrect.

It weighs just 185g, about the same as a BlackBerry Storm2 and 42 grams lighter than it’s predecessor, the HDC-TM30. According to that release, the cam intended for a female audience.

The camcorder will feature image stabilization for those with shaky hands, as well as wind-noise canceling on the camcorder’s microphone. Panasonic is including some HD video editing and DVD creation software with the camcorder. No idea on how good it’ll be. Quality of this stuff varies.

who hopefully like white, violet, gold, or gray (shown after the break). Storage is to SDXC and videos are recorded in AVCHD format, which should give you plenty of room on that card to keep on filming until your arm gets tired. Panasonic isn’t announcing an official price, but it’ll be hitting Japanese boutiques on July 1.

Expect this camcorder to cost around $810 (in yen, of course) when it comes out in July in Japan only. Nothing yet on an international release, but CrunchGear expects it to hit international markets sometime shortly after.


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