Philips AS111/37 Fidelio Docking Speaker For Android

The attractive Philips Fidelio docking speaker for Android works with your Android device to deliver crisp, distinguished stereo sound. With free, easy-to-use apps, you can sync music libraries between your phone and PC or listen to thousands of Internet radio stations. Designed specifically for bedroom use, but appropriate anywhere in the home or office, the docking speaker features a built-in clock display in a compact form factor. This is an Amazon’s product review. Checkout more details bellow.

Product Features

  • Bluetooth wireless music streaming from Android device
  • Rich omni-directional sound to fill your bedroom
  • Neodymium speakers for pure balanced sound
  • Shielding technology to block mobile phone interference
  • Elegant and compact design to fit on any bedtable

Technical Details

  • Brand Name: Philips
  • Model: AS111/37
  • Remote Control Description: Remote Control
  • Color Name: Black

This dock is compatible with devices with Android 2.1 or above, Bluetooth 2.1 or above and a micro USB.

Rich, Pure Sound from Neodymium Speakers

This Philips Fidelio docking speaker for Android produces crisp, distinguished audio. The robust neodymium system delivers 4 watts of output and balanced sound while leaving the model compact and lightweight. Shielding technology ensures your music will not experience mobile phone interference. This speaker system allows you the convenient option of physically docking your Android phone for charging and music playback by connecting via Bluetooth.

Sleek, Compact Design to fit Nicely on Night Stand

With its compact, curved design, this docking speaker has an attractive look to match its performance. At less than 7 inches across and under 2 pounds, the speaker is easy to transport and fits nearly anywhere. The all-black finish and 360-degree shape lend a sleek, modern aesthetic look.

Ideal for Bedroom Use with Alarm Clock

Thanks to its simple operation and compact dimensions, the speaker is well suited to use in the bedroom as a music source, FM radio, clock, and alarm. The dock features auto clock synchronization, so it always shows accurate time on a clear digital display. The alarm can be set for music, nature sounds, and you can set a wake-up picture. The dock features a soft night-light positioned on the bottom.

Expand Functionality with Free Fidelio App

Download the free Fidelio app onto your Android device to listen to over 7,000 Internet radio stations, browse your music library, and share media with friends via Facebook and Flickr. The app includes the Songbird music function, which helps you discover, listen to, and sync music.

Simple, Straightforward Design and Operation

The speaker is designed for exceptional ease of use. The FlexiDock fits most Android devices and enables a quick, secure fit and charges your phone during use, as well as giving you the option to dock vertically or horizontally. The speaker recognizes the phone’s software automatically upon connecting. Adjust volume easily with two buttons on the speaker’s top surface. You can pilot all other functions from your Android’s touchscreen, just as you normally would.

Philips Fidelio Android Docking Speaker feature

The FlexiDock feature makes it easy to securely
connect and charge your smartphone.
Product and Warranty Information

The speaker measures 6.7 inches in diameter by 2.64 inches high. It is backed by a limited one year warranty.

About Philips Philips has a brand promise of “sense and simplicity” that encapsulates their commitment to understanding and catering to the desires and needs of consumers and customers. By putting end users front and center, Philips creates innovative products that are designed around people’s needs and aspirations, and are both advanced and easy to use. With 60,000 registered patents, Philips is a global leader in innovation, and receives numerous international design awards every year.
The optional night light provides a soft glow
Listen to thousands of radio stations and wake up to your favorite tunes.

Get great sound as this speaker plays and charges your Android phone, and auto- synchronizes its clock with your device. Songbird comes packaged so you can sync music between your phone and PC, and a free Fidelio app for even more functions. The Philips Fidelio app brings a myriad of unique features to Fidelio docking speakers. You can listen to thousands of Internet radio stations worldwide, browse through your music collection and share what you are listening to with friends via Facebook, or photos of the artist on Flickr. The app comes with Songbird music function, so you can discover, play and sync media seamlessly between PC and Android devices. In Clock mode, the app lets you set multiple customized music alarms and gives updated weather reports. Completely free, the app can be downloaded from the Android Market. Songbird is a simple, easy-to-use PC program and Android app. It lets you discover and play all your media, and sync it seamlessly with your PC. Its intuitive and powerful music management features let you discover new artists and music styles directly in the program through music and media stores, services and websites. Play your own library and media from the Internet and seamlessly sync all of it from your PC to your Android devices.

That’s all about the Philips AS111/37 Fidelio Docking Speaker For Android. This Docking Speaker is available in You can directly order or buy from here.
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