Rock In Style With Jabra Halo Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth headphones are experiencing an increasingly large demand due to a sharp rise in the number of tablet users. An iPad user would prefer a bluetooth headphone to a regular headphone any time. The greatest advantage of using a bluetooth headphone is convenience. Jabra has introduced Jabra Halo Bluetooth headphones which are very light in weight, are very comfortable to wear and their bluetooth radio detects headphone position and automatically turns on and off.

Ease of use:
The first thing one would look for in a headphone would be: how comfortable is it. Most headphones tend to cause pain if they are worn for a long time. But Jabra Halo bluetooth headphones are very light in weight and fit very comfortably over the ears. They can be easily adjusted in size too. Moreover, they are very easy to carry since they can be folded and come with a pouch in which to carry them.

Auto-functioning bluetooth radio:
Here’s the really cool part of Jabra Halo bluetooth headphones. As soon as you unfold them, the bluetooth radio linked to a device turns on. This means you simply have to connect the bluetooth radio to a device, for instance your tablet, then simply unfold the headphones and you are ready to go! You can now listen to music, make voice calls over Skype and do a whole lot of other things. As soon as you are done, you may fold the headphones again and the bluetooth radio will turn off! This also helps greatly in saving power usage of the device.

Smooth controls:
The control of this bluetooth headphone are as cool as it’s design. You get to have a play/pause button on the right ear cup. This same button can be used to make/drop calls. Another control on the same ear cup is that of volume. You slide up the finger along it and it raises the volume and by sliding the control down, the volume is reduced.

Other features: 
Halo’s overall volume is quite loud and the sound quality is pretty decent. This makes it an ideal headphone for music lovers as well as professionals. Moreover, in case your Jabra Halo bluetooth headphone runs out of battery while you are using it, you can use the cable included with the headphones. With the cable, you can plug directly into a 3.5-mm audio jack and let the fun continue.

Currently the headphones are available for $90. Although this may seem a bit pricey, it is no a bad deal for a really nifty and handy bluetooth headphone.

Image courtesy Jabra.

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