Samsung’s New Google OS Powered Tablet S-Pad

Now Samsung is also taking a part in the tablet market by lunching Samsung’s upcoming tablet computer S-Pad. Samsung executive confirmed to launch the tablet in the second half of 2010. Some sources reporting an August release in addition to other details.
Samsung S-Pad
The 7-inch tablet powered by Google’s smartphone OS Android on a supposed 7-inch Samsung S-Pad using one of the company’s Super AMOLED displays with WiFi and 3G data connectivity — the latter supplied by SK Telecom who will supposedly help distribute the device. It’ll also bring an iPad-esque USB dock and content from Kyobo books (Korea’s largest bookstore) and Samsung’s own Samsung Apps application store.

Samsung is also working on to provide high quality applications to the users, which is understandable since content is as equally important as the hardware. Samsung will most likely distribute the apps via its own app store,

While no price has been given you can expect the cost to be exorbitant thanks to that extra large Super AMOLED display unless SK Telecom can push it down through ample subsidies.,


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  1. Charmaine

    A new addition to the market.

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  4. Dfghhd

    The s-pad i got is lousey and slow. There are no good apps and it’s a piece of garbage!!!

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  6. Koowie

    Samsung is becoming a major player but I think this falls short against the main competition.

  7. Anonymous

     I am very thankful to this topic because it really gives great information. I would wait for a branded tablet, have a friend who bought a cheap one of ebay.The internal hardware runs android fine, but the cheap touchscreens are beyond bad, making the whole device unusable.

  8. mike0312

    Ever since Samsung never fails their customer with the product they offered. This is going to be one of the most hit gadget of Samsung.  
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  9. Misha

    Thank you for sharing this article. I love it. Keep on writing this type of great stuff.

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