Samsung AQ100

The AQ100 has the guts of a regular point-and-shoot wrapped up in a slim, waterproof body. This won’t survive a deep-sea dive, but it can go as deep as 10 feet underwater — perfect for a day at the beach. Like many new point and shoots……

Waterproof cameras have the reputation of not being the greatest (to say it lightly) when it comes to photo quality. They have been primarily known and promoted for one obvious feature.

The Samsung aq100 is capable of underwater photography and HD video without requiring a waterproof case (YES – It’s already waterproof!) down to 10 feet.

With the Samsung aq100 you can capture your intire surf session in 720p HD video at 30fps that will fill a 16:9 widescreen.

The waterproof Samsung AQ100 (also known as the WP10) and durable Samsung SL605 are two new 12 mega-pixel point and shoot cameras. The Samsung AQ100 can be used in up to 10 feet of water and has a dedicated Aqua mode for underwater photography. In addition the AQ100 has a 5x optical inner zoom lens, 2.7 inch TFT-LCD screen and can record 720p HD video. The Samsung SL605 features an Anti scratch Mask and the bottom, buttons and areas surrounding the 2.7-inch TFT-LCD screen are rubberized. Other key features of the SL605 include an internal 27mm wide angle, 5x optical zoom lens and new Smart Night Mode.

Offering extraordinary capabilities, the slim (0.78” thick) Samsung AQ100 was developed for use in up to 10 feet of water and thanks to the camera’s exceptional low-light performance, it’s capable of taking bright images at that depth. Whether taking photos of friends and family in the pool or a school of fish while snorkeling in the ocean, users will benefit from the Samsung AQ100’s dedicated Aqua mode, which will optimize camera settings for the best possible underwater photos.

The Surf Camera case will chest mount onto any wetsuit and has an inside bead to hold your Samsung aq100 waterproof camera in place while being pounded by 20 foot waves but will quickly eject out from the case for that quick surf photo by pulling on a floating handle (included) and can quickly insert back in so you can surf the next wave for yourself. And in case you drop your Samsung aq100 while it’s out of the case, don’t panic, it comes with a retractable cord too.

You can also chest mount the Surf Camera case to your ski jacket or life vest for skiing, snowboarding, kayaking and all kinds of action sports wear. Film your adventures the easy way!

Memories can happen at any given moment and in any environment,” said Mr. SJ Park, CEO of Samsung Digital Imaging Company. “Further diversifying and expanding the range of digital imaging solutions available from Samsung, consumers can rely on the waterproof Samsung AQ100 to perform in the most challenging of environments as the camera is both built to last and feature packed for the highest-quality results.

Anaheim, CA (February 20, 2010) – Samsung Electronics America, Inc., a market leader and award-winning innovator in consumer electronics, today added two 12 mega-pixel point and shoots to its digital camera lineup for 2010 – the durable SL605 and the waterproof AQ100. Thanks to their elements focused design, the AQ100 and the SL605 grant peace of mind and allow users to focus on taking the perfect shot, rather than worrying about damage to the camera. The AQ100 and the SL605 will be on display during PMA 2010, February 21-23, in the Samsung booth, #2227, in the Anaheim Convention Center.

In addition to taking beautiful still images, consumers can also record impressive 720p HD video above or below the water. The AQ100 offers image stabilization while recording video and for complete simplicity, it has Smart Auto (Still & Movie) scene recognition technology which fine tunes both video and picture settings for the best possible results. All the users have to do is point and shoot.


  • 12 megapixels
  • 5x optical zoom
  • Optical image stabilization
  • 2.7-inch LCD monitor
  • 720p HD video mode
  • Waterproof to 10 ft
  • Captures to SD/SDHC memory cards
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries

The Samsung aq100 can be used at a water depth of three meters (10 feet). Go ahead and take it for a full double overhead surf session!

The Samsung aq100 has an Intelligent LCD brightness that automatically detects environmental illumination and adjusts the LCD brightness for optimal image viewing.

Samsung has combined Dual Image Stabilization that has revolutionized technology with their ultimate Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) mechanism with the advanced algorithms of Digital Image Stabilization (DIS). Giving you sharp images no matter the condition. Whether it’s low light, zooming or just a case of plain old shaky hands, your photos come out sharp and clear. So let your Samsung aq100 camera shake things up. In a good way.

Imagine having HD video recording capabilities in a camera that fits in the palm of your hand. One that delivers impressive 720p HD quality video at 30 frames per second. With the H.264 format that offers recording time 2 times longer than MPEG-4 and 4 times longer than MJPEG video. And the Samsung aq100 camera lets you get creative – just use one of its many cool effects, such as sketch mode. Then hook it up to any HDTV or HD monitor with an HDMI and you’re ready to share all the HD action.

Beyond its durability, users will also benefit from the Samsung SL605’s internal 27mm wide angle, 5x optical zoom lens, which gives them the ability to take sharp and detailed images from any distance. With a wide-angle lens at their fingertips, users will be able to capture more of a desired scene, such as landscapes or large groups of friends and family. The SL605 offers standard definition, VGA video recording and also features Samsung’s intuitive and easy-to-use Smart Auto scene recognition technology.

Samsung has also incorporated a Smart Night Mode in the new SL605, which will allow consumers to capture sharp, properly exposed images when shooting at night. Typically, a flash can be too bright and wash out one’s subject when used in low-light or night-time settings, ruining what could have been a great image. With Samsung’s new Smart Night Mode, this is no longer an issue as consumers can now increase or decrease the power of the flash to ensure the perfect shot, the way they want, each and every time.

Samsung’s aq100 Smart Filter, lens effect, delivers an artistic edge to your still shots and videos. The Miniature filter gives your subjects a miniaturized look, the Vignetting filter delivers a strikingly strong compositional contrast, and our Fish-eye filter gives your video that cool distorted feel. So get creative and get the Samsung AQ100.

Availability Spring 2010

Pricing $199.99 msrp.

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