Samsung HMX-S16 WiFi SSD camcorder

It’s a new camcorder By Samsung.The model of this camcorder is HMX-S16.It’s capability is 64GB.Enjoy the Samsung’s HMX-S16 EiFi SSD camcorder…..

SamSamsung is launching a new camcorder in South Korea today, one that records directly onto a solid state drive. Not only does it pack an SSD for storage but it can also stream video over WiFi so you do not need to plug it into your computer to watch your video. The camcorder will come in a 32 and a 64GB model.

While it’s not surprising that a Korean electronics firm would let Korean natives get the first crack at their latest line of wares, it’s not without some small jealousy that we tell you the Samsung HMX-S16 camcorder is shipping in South Korea today. After all, it’s not every day we see a sexy black number like this sporting solid state storage and streaming video over WiFi. Still, we’ll only have time to be envious for a couple more sunrises.

Samsung announced today that their latest 64GB SSD Full HD Camcorder, the HMX-S16 is officially available on Korean Market.
Introduced for the first time during the latest CES 2010, this camcorder features a 3.5’’ Touch Screen, with 64GB of SSD (Solid State Drive), a 1/2.33’’ BSI CMOS Sensor with 10Mpix, a Full 1920×1080/60i HD Recording, as well as 18x Zoom (15x Optical), Samsung’s Intelli-Zoom, an Optical Stabilization, and the Victoria Engine video processor.
DLNA Compatible, users will be able to easily transfer their video and picture to their TV, and PC via a Wi-Fi Connection.

The 64GB model, the HMX-S16, will cost you $1,200 while the 32GB model, the HMX-S15, will only be $1,000. The only difference between the two is the size of the SSD, so you are not losing any features. Just storage space.

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