Sigma SD15 review

Sigma SD15 is a DSLR camera lunching this month.Enjoy Sigma SD15…

All together now: “Finally!” Believe it or not, we first saw the SD15 glimmer back in September of 2008 — practically an era ago based on what has transpired on our little planet since — and we found out this February that Sigma was keeping the dream alive for the time being.

The camera which was announced at Photokina 2008 exhibition, has 14MP along with a larger FOVEON X3 sensor, and will go into shipping in UK from July.

The SD15 Digital camera is incorporated with ‘TRUE [Three-layer Responsive Ultimate Engine]” image processing engine which dramatically enhances processing speed and overall image quality. The camera owing to its unique image-processing algorithm offers high resolution power reproducing high definition images with richly graduated tones.

Some of the other prime features of the camera include: SD Card, 3.0 inch LCD monitor, 77-segment AE sensor and AEF [analogue front end] and durable shutter mechanism which can last upto 100,000 actuations.

According to a report straight out of Japan, it looks as if the long wait for a DSLR that’s possibly past its prime by now is just about over. As the story goes, the SD15 (along with its famed Foveon X3 image sensor) will be shipping in at least some portions of the world by the month’s end, with a body-only price of ¥120,000 / €1,199 (around $1,310 on a good day) and a kit price of ¥140,000 ($1,528).

Darren Murph of is reporting on a story via that the camera should start shipping by the end of this month. Also reported are some prices that are around $1,310 for the body only, and a kit price of $1,528. These are estimated prices based on the current rate of exchange.

The SD15 comes with a 14-megapixel Foveon X3 direct image sensor, this consists of three 4.7-megapixel layers which individually capture blue, green or red light. Add to that a 3-inch LCD display, a True II image processor, 77-segment AE sensor and AFE (Analog Front End). Camera images are saved to a SD card.

OfCourse, we’re still planning to wait for the first legitimate consumer unboxing before we commence celebrating, but at least the end of the tunnel is clearly marked.


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