Samsung’s 64GB Chip Means Serious Storage for iPhones and PMPs

Samsung’s new 64GB flash NAND and 32GB microSD card may be the first of each to market, bringing lots more storage space to phones like the iPhone, Droid and Nexus One as well as other handheld devices. Big win!

We don’t have specific information on either of the products (no pricing, availability, or speed) but we do know that mass production on the 32GB microSD card should start next month, which means with any luck we’ll start seeing them in the first half of this year. The 64GB NAND (moviNAND, technically) has been in production since December 2009, so it should hit even a little sooner.
What does this mean? 64GB iPhones (Apple uses Samsung NAND for the iPhone, so this chip could well show up in an iPhone). 32GB cards for the Droid and Nexus One.

take a close look at our slim, high performing flash memoryLiving in NAND Flash World

Living in the stage of 20GB memory after passing through the dark-age of 1GB in 2002, the mobile & consumer electronics now start to feel the needs of NAND Flash’s humongous density.

SAMSUNG’s NAND Flash has firmly established itself as the key solution in many popular yet relatively new products such as digital still camera, Handsets, MP3 players and USB Flash drives, etc.

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