Samsung’s Virtual Mouse ‘EyeCAN’ For Hand Disabled People

Computer and Internet has become the essential part of everyone’s life. Mouse is one of the common things of using these two. But, the fact is, not all the people are able to use these due to lack of their physical problem. Those people, who are paralyzed or lost their hand any how or don’t have any power or feelings in their hand, can now use computer and internet through Samsung’s virtual mouse ‘EyeCAN’. It is especially designed for those people.

Samsung’s EyeCAN mouse technology is tremendously advanced. It is being developed with high sensor technology. Those people who don’t have hand or have no feelings or power or unfortunately paralyzed using EyeCAN, they can easily surf the web and use the computer. EyeCAN is basically a special glass. It runs through 4 double AA batteries.

By wearing the special glass, it can track the wearer’s eye movement and then translate that movement into a cursor moving all over the computer display. In short, where normal people use their hand to move the cursor, EyeCAN wearer can move the cursor through eyes. Not only roaming the cursor around over the computer display, but also, with the eye, the glass sensor can click, double click, select and do other staffs.

At present, it is in the prototype stage, but Samsung hopes they will be able to bring the EyeCAN to the general public as soon as possible. When it will be completed, then the price will be decided.

Source : Ubergizmo

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