Sanwa MA-TOUCH1 Multi-Touch Mouse

Sanwa makes an attractive wedge of a Windows only multitouch mouse and that is Sanwa’s MA-TOUCH1 magic mouse.This multitouch magic mouse could be call Windows Magic Trackpad and it is more attractive mouse than the Magic Mouse.Sanwa MA-TOUCH1 multitouch mouse available in black, red, silver and white colors…….

Sanwa MA-TOUCH1 looks like the lovechild of Apple’s own multitouch critter and Logitech’s M505.The only real design cue this guy snags from the Logi is its Unifying Receiver, signifying that it relies on wireless USB rather than BT. The design scheme is definitely of interest.This multitouch is compitable with Windows.Sanwa MA-TOUCH1 multitouch mouse is ather than being curved to fit the shape of a relaxed palm, it’s totally flat up top, supporting four-direction scrolling and two-finger swipes. She’s on sale now in four different colors (red, white, black and silver), with ¥4,300 ($52).


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