Hitachi-LG debuted an optical-SSD (ODD/SSD) Hybrid

Hitachi-LG has debuted an optical-SSD (ODD/SSD) hybrid drive at Computex 2010.

The device – which is specifically designed for notebook computers – features 32GB-64GB of NAND Flash memory and a SATA 3.0Gbps interface.

However, second-gen SSD capacity is expected to be set at a whopping 256GB with a blazingly fast SATA6.0Gbps interface.

According to Park, HyDrive can boost hard disk drive (HDD) performance in two ways.

“One is through using the entire SSD as a cache by the HLDS filter driver. The other is by having Windows and Microsoft Office applications installed and the remaining capacity serve as a cache.

“Having 32GB of SSD suffices in accommodating Windows and Microsoft Office applications, offering….pure SSD speeds.”

Park added that HyDrive would also enable a “smaller PC” footprint by allowing OEMs to remove the HDD/SSD from the motherboard and simply deploying the hybrid device with its integrated SSD.

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