Sony SRS-V500IP iPod dock Detachable 360-Degree Speaker

Sony release attractive new line of speakers SRS-V500IP.Sony SRS-V500IP is new iPod dick and it features datachable 360-degree speaker….

Sony SRS-V500IP is an iPod dock holding a cylindrical speaker equipped with a “diffuser panel” that spreads the sound in 360 degrees. So far so good. Here’s the weird part: The detachable speaker is touted as being able to fit in your car’s cup holder, so you can use it while driving.

Sony SRS-V500IP iPod dock speaker actually a removable speaker, inside of which is Sony’s Circle Sound Stage System, which blasts 16 watts of stereo in a 360 degree bubble. Use it at home and that sound pod sits in a bundled iPod cradle, but if you want to beef up your car’s stereo, you can remove it, hook it up to your in-car power adapter and position it in your vehicle’s drink tray.

There is a 3.5 mm stereo audio input for anyone who uses a non-Apple mp3 player, and the dock also comes with a remote that let’s you switch between inputs as well as control volume.The speaker comes in black, orange, or pink and can be purchased for $240 over at Audiocubes.

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