Sony still a loss leader, on each new Playstation 3 hardware Sold

The PS3 , however, is a mix of good and bad news . The good news : 6.5 million in unit sales, up from the 4.5 million prior.Sony Corp. CEO told UK publication The Times this week that the company will still lose money on each new Playstation 3 Slim hardware sold.
Playstation 3
“If you’re just talking about the hardware alone, the quick answer is yes,” Kaz Hirai told The Times.

Both Joystiq and The Wall Street Journal took a more careful look at the numbers, and there’s a few points worth noting. PS2 sales took a year-over-year dip, down from 2.5 million to 2.1 million. PSP took a larger hit, down to 4.2 million from 5.1 million.

Sony Corp. in July posted a $391 million loss in the fiscal first quarter and slow electronics and gaming sales.

The Networked Products and Services division, which includes the Playstation business, posted a loss of $414 million compared to a profit of $48.1 million one year prior.

Sony this month announced the new PS3 Slim model at the Gamescom 2009 conference in Cologne, Germany.

The product, which includes a 120GB hard drive, carries a pre-order price of $299.99.


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