Voice-Controlled TV Remote Unveiled By Samsung

Ever since Apple announced it’s plans for an iTV, there had been rumors that Apple may use Siri as the key features in controlling the iTV. And now, while Apple still seems months away from such a product, Samsung has unveiled a TV remote which has the voice recognition enabled on it. You can switch channels, adjust volume and control even disc players with the remote. According to Samsung, this remote will be offered as part of Smart TV in 2012.

The remote also features a touch pad. During CES 2012, Samsung exhibited a voice recognition function in its “ES8000” Smart TV. The very same voice function is being used in this remote too.

Samsung has also significantly improved the transmission and reception between TV and remote by enabling Bluetooth and infrared communication at the same time. With the help of voice-recognition and touchpad, Samsung has successfully been able to eliminate a lot of clutter from the remote and render it more neat. This voice-controlled TV remote accomplishes a lot more with a lot less buttons. It can be used to change TV settings, go to internet and carry out a search and do a lot more of other functions.

With the help of the voice-recognition feature, the user can also control a set-top box, a blu-ray Disc player and a number of other devices through this remote.

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