Sony Unveils New Walkman Player And Speaker Docks In Japan

Sony’s Walkman once was one of the leading music players in vogue. Although the trend has long been eroded by Apple’s iPod, Sony still has a strong presence in Japan. And to complement that presence, Sony has unveiled some new releases on the Walkman brand. The new releases include a new player which comes in two versions, a 2 GB and a 4 GB version. Each version is available in four different colors and you can also get a matching-color speaker-dock for an additional sum.

The pricing of the new devices released is not officially announced but according to different estimates, the 2 GB version will be available for $115 while the 4 GB version will be available for $140. By pitching it an additional sum of 2,000 yen, you can also buy a cute little, speaker-dock in a matching color. The player is positioned neatly on top of the dock and you are ready to go with some musical entertainment.

This new player in the Walkman series is thinner and lighter than it’s earlier counterparts although the display it features it of the same size, 1.4-inches. Moreover, Sony has also introduced a noise-cancellation function in the Sony headphones that may be used with the device.

Sony has also introduced some rather large speaker docks which can be used to charge the device and afford a design which makes them very handy to carry. These docks feature Bluetooth speakers, which makes them even cooler.

If you’ve been a Sony fan, you would certainly want to lay your hands on this nifty range.

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