Aatma Studio Launches New iPad 3 Concept Video

No matter what Apple eventually decides to make a part of iPad 3 and no matter how disappointed or excited we are once the tablet finally arrives, the fact remains that there are no bounds on one’s imaginations. You can cook up all your wildest imaginations as being part of iPad 3 and no one is going to stop you. Apparently, that is what Aatma Studio in an iPad 3 concept video that it has recently released.

Aatma Studio became a well-known name when these folks released a concept video of ‘iPhone 5.’ That’s what iPhone 4S was being called before it was released. In the video, a motley mix of some very fantastic technologies was presented as being a part of iPhone 5 and that really triggered the interest of Apple fans around the globe, attracting a lot of hits on the video.

Now the same folks have released a concept video of the upcoming Apple tablet, iPad 3. While there are rumors about the expected specs of the tablet, Aatma Studio’s concept video has thrown in a lot of addition of it’s own. In the video that has been posted, the tablet is shown to feature high-res Retina display and internal magnets, so that two tablets can be joined to convert them into one large display. The Near Field Communication then enables these two conjoined tablets to share one whole display. The concept is indeed marvellous but there is now way we are going to get it in the coming iPad 3.

Here is the concept video of iPad 3:

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