Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Reportedly Gets An Iris Scanner

Samsung is reportedly releasing Galaxy Note 7 in a month and this brand new android device may gets an iris scanner which will let you unlock your phone with a glance.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Finger print scanner is great way to ensure the security of your smart device. But we have seen enough break through of finger print scanner since last year. Considering that, Samsung is bringing an iris scanner to its upcoming Galaxy Note 7, according to the report publishes in various website. Since its not possible for two human being that have the same iris pattern, that’s how iris scanner could be great for your security.

For finger print scanning system, the problem was we left our print everywhere while we keep touching things evry now and then. So managing someone’s finger print is not some rocket science. Because of this safety concern, people were already talking about something more secure to lock the smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The famous mobile device leaker extraordinaire Evan Blass (@evleaks) has confirmed that Galaxy Note 7 is coming with an iris scanner. In his tweets, he also mentioned that it will be named as Galaxy Note 7 in order to maintain the consistancy with the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge which has launched earlier this year.


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