Adam II Tablet By Notion Ink Coming Soon, Includes Android 4.0, TI Processor

Consumers and analysts have long had their eyes on Notion Ink. After releasing a tablet which turned into more or less a failure, everyone wondered whether or not Notion Ink will release a second tablet. Apparently, Notion Ink still has it’s hopes high and aims to release another tablet pretty soon. This new tablet will be termed the ‘Adam II Tablet.’ However, this new tablet will surely have some really competitive features. For one, it will tool a Texas Instruments OMAP44xx processor, which is sure to make the performance of the tablet pretty efficient.

The new tablet comes with a number of other goodies. These include a Wi-Link 7.0 and audio parts. The OS that this new device will be tooling would be Android 4.0.

Not only is Notion Ink going to release a tablet, it also intends to develop an all new ecosystem for app-creation. This is being touted as ‘Modular Based Software Architecture.’ This is a kind of a drag-and-drop environment for the creation of the apps. If indeed it turns out to be what it sounds like, it may make things really easy for app developers and may definitely be a very positive point for Notion Ink. The company claims that it will enable the users to create ‘logic analyzer, ┬ámedia imaging, 3D modeling and other multi-media apps.’

We don’t know the details on this new tablet by Notion Ink yet. But if the rest of the specs of this device are really good plus if this new app-creation ecosystem does pitch in, Notion Ink may witness a successful spell in the coming days.

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