Alternative Web Browser For iPad – Terra

Terra is an alternative web browser specifically designed for your iPad that can arrest you in its most beautiful interface and magical browsing speed, almost equivalent to Safari, if not exceeded to that. Terra for iPad lets you to have a full screen with just a single tap to enjoy the web at comparatively larger screen of iPad without annoying interface elements coming across your eyes. And tap again on the icon smiling in the upper right corner to regain all browsing controls back!

Another cool feature is the offline browsing mode where Terra saves the page at hand – with all images preserved – for later viewing when there’s no Internet access available. Another useful enhancement is tabbed browsing mode that lets you quickly switch between open tabs using a three-finger swipe. The list of cool stuff doesn’t end here…

It’s got private browsing mode, passcode lock, custom search engines, AirPrint, inline search and in-app email. Plus, it lets you use iTunes file sharing to import bookmarks from your desktop or transfer downloaded files to a computer (yes, Terra lets you dowload files, unlike Apple’s Safari). In addition, you can change the user agent in order to fool misbehaving sites into thinking you’re browsing the web using desktop Safari, Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox. As a cherry on top, Terra can open saved files from other apps via the Open In menu, including Office attachments (doc, docx, rtf, xls, xlsx), PDF documents, web archives and even ZIP and RAR files.

It’s free and ranked as the #1 free app in the App Store.


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