Amazon Drops Kindle Fire Orders To Half As New iPad 3 Launch Draws Closer

The launch date of iPad 3 is reportedly in February and the actual release of the device will come in March. As a result, is is being expected that Amazon’s Kindle Fire will have it’s sales affected greatly by the new Apple tablet. Amazon made some major sales during the holiday season. But as soon as the holiday season was over, Kindle Fire’s sales slowed. And now with a new iPad coming, the sales for Kindle Fire will slow down further. According to the estimates, Amazon’s Kindle Fire orders will fall from 6 million in Q4 2011 to 3 million in Q1 2012.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire did great business during the holiday season. Amazon claimed that it was selling one million Kindle tablets each week, though it didn’t tell exactly how many of these were Kindle Fire tablets and how many were the earlier e-readers released by Amazon. Some experts say that Amazon was able to snatch a net sale of about 2 million iPad 2 units from Apple. In a way, Kindle Fire was the only major contender to the mighty iPad by Apple.

During the last quarter of 2011, Amazon was able to sell about 6 million Kindle Fire units, thanks to the highly lucrative holiday season. However, immediately after the holidays, the Kindle Fire sales slowed down. And now as Apple gears up to release iPad 3, hopefully in early March, Kindle Fire’s sales will take another hit and slow down further. The estimates given by Amazon’s supply chain are that Amazon will take down the orders of Kindle Fire from 6 million quarterly sales to 3 million quarterly sales for the Q1 2012.

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