Amazon Leads The Android Tablet Market With Samsung In Second Place

Apple’s iPad has long held the crown of the tablet market. However, in recent months, Apple’s share in the arena has considerably declined as new rivals continue to emerge. On the Android side of the fence, Amazon continues to take the lead with its Kindle Fire HD whereas Samsung’s Galaxy Tab comes in second.

Android tablet market

It was only a few months ago that Amazon launched its Kindle Fire HD, a 7-inch slate packed with a whole lot of impressive features and at a price considerably low, compared to regular tablets. Even Apple’s iPad mini offering seems unable to disrupt the growth of Kindle Fire HD.

Based on the ad impressions from tablets, Datalytics has revealed that Kindle Fire HD’s Android market share has grown by a whopping 322%! In terms of growth, Kindle Fire HD is the most successful Android tablet right now, rapidly gobbling up the Android market share.

In the second place is Samsung, with its Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy Tab 7.7. The duo have also been performing fairly well, despite Apple’s litigations to have Galaxy Tab banned in several regions. Over the course of November and December in 2012, ad impressions from these two slates jumped up by 150%.

However, the very company that overlooks the development of Android OS, Google, has been able to grab only the third position, registering a growth rate of 70%. These figures go on to show that Amazon’s Kindle Fire lineup continues to be an immense hit with the users and despite multiple Android tablet offerings in recent months, it still remains the undisputed king of the Android tablets’ arena. In time, we shall see whether Amazon can push its success farther enough to pose a threat to Apple’s dominance in the overall tablet market.

Courtesy: BGR

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