Amazon To Release Kindle Fire Update Soon

There has been a lot of criticism heaped on Kindle Fire over a number of problems the device suffers from: from wi-fi connectivity issues to the utter lack of parental controls, the critics have lambasted a lot, irritated further by the silence from Amazon’s end. However, Amazon seems set to end this silence by shipping out a software update for the device which, it claims, will solve the problems.

Millions have purchased the device by now, in a holiday frenzy which bolstered Kindle Fire’s sales, mainly due to the enticing $199 price tag. However, reviewers have said that the allure of the device soon rubs off as soon as one starts using it. The response of the display is a tab bit slow, there are barely any external controls and the standard buttons are missing. Moreover, a number of users complained at Amazon’s forums that their device was experiencing wi-fi problems. It seems like Amazon has decided to address at least a few of these problems through a software update.

Update arrives in a couple of weeks, says Amazon:
Amazon officials stated that a quick update will be on it’s way in less than two weeks. The update will be addressing some of the problems cited, mainly enabling multi-touch for users and also allowing them to tweak their privacy settings in more detail. Parents had earlier angrily claimed that Amazon’s privacy settings are nearly non-existent, allowing their kids access to everything online. Perhaps this update may solve this, at least to some extent.

Image courtesy Courtbean.
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