Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Upgrade Coming Soon To Lenovo ThinkPad

An official word from Lenovo ThinkPad’s manufacturers has revealed that the tablet will be getting an Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade soon. Most probably, it will be available by Spring 2012. For ThinkPad users, it’s great news because the update will bring some really awesome features to their tablets. These include face recognition, on-screen dictation and a whole lot of more awesome features.

According to Lenovo, this upgrade will begin in May this year. And users will receive three major upgrades in three chunks. Here are some features that are expected to be a part of the ICS upgrade on Lenovo ThinkPad:

New Web Browser:
The ICS upgrade comes with a new web browser which is being touted as a major improvement from the earlier version of browsers on ThinkPad. This new browser will enable a lot faster browsing and lets you navigate and search much more easily. Moreover, saving pages for offline reading is also now as easy as a jiffy.

Facial Recognition:
This feature has already been launched on a number of Android devices. What we know about it is that it is not accurate and even a photograph of a person can be mistaken as real face by the tablet. But nonetheless, the feature is handy and pretty cool. You just bring the tablet to your face and it unlocks, so that’s quite cool.

On-screen dictation through Voice Input:
Finally, here’s a really awesome and useful feature. It enables you to dictate words through your voice to your tablet. These words appear on the screen and such words which your Voice Input engine thinks it has heard wrong, are underlined. So you can later check the dictation, especially the underlined words and when you tap on them, you are given the option of choosing from likely words to replace it .

If you are a Lenovo ThinkPad user, just brace yourself and wait for May this year to make your tablet much more awesome than it is right now.

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