40% iPads Sold On Black Friday Were Purchased By Android Users

Although Android is the largest mobile platform right now in terms of numbers, it would appear that Android users aren’t very loyal. Black Friday numbers reveal that nearly 40% of all iPads sold on the day were purchased from Andorid handsets.

Apple iPad

Before anything else could be said of Android, however, it must be noted that Android tablets haven’t exactly won a lot of hearts. And while there may be some really good Android smartphones out there, rivaling the likes of iPhone, Apple‘s iPad still turns out to be the best tablet when compared to Android slates.

So it is only natural that during the Black Friday shopping spree, even Android smartphone users decided to buy themselves a new iPad slate. With the recent launch of iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina, Apple has really ramped up its collection of top-end tablets.

With nearly all major retailers such as Walmart, Target and Best Buy, iPad was among the hottest selling items. At Walmart, Apple’s 16GB iPad Mini topped the list while Target reported that its top selling item on Black Friday was Apple iPad Air 16GB.

Although Microsoft Surface 32GB surprisingly topped Black Friday sales at Best Buy, iPad 2 16GB came in at second. This is quite unusual, given that iPad 2 is a significantly older Apple tablet and the company has released a number of subsequent slates since.

In all, every 4 out of 10 iPad tablets sold during Black Friday were bought by Android users, retail analytics firm InfoScout reports. This trend highlights the dire need for more top-end Android slates in the market.

Source: InfoScout

Courtesy: Apple Insider

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