Apple Chooses Pegatron As Main iPad Manufacturer?

Foxconn has been one of Apple’s main manufacturers for iPad. However, according to DigiTimes, this is about to change. As per sources in Apple’s supply chain, Pegatron Technology will be replacing Foxconn as the major manufacturer of iPad in the coming days. Pegatron has already started the production of iPad 3 and reportedly will be the main manufacturer of iPad 4.

It has been earlier reported, even as long ago as six months, that Pegatron was ramping up it’s capabilities to start the manufacturing of iPad units. It seems like it’s facilities are ready to churn out the devices and so, DigiTimes claims that Pegatron has also secured a small volume of orders for the upcoming Apple tablet, iPad 3. Also, as Apple moves towards the launch of iPad 4, which DigiTimes has again claimed will be in October 2012, Pegatron will be receiving even greater volume of iPad 4 production. Initially, the article says, Pegatron will get an order of producing 7 – 10 million units of iPad 4.

It seems like Apple is taking up a new strategy on it’s production end. It will be ramping up efforts to make Pegatron it’s main manufacturer for iPad units, while also dealing with some extra iPhone units. Foxconn, on the other hand, will be dealing mainly with the manufacturing of iPhone units while producing iPad units only as an additional task.

Whether or not this is true may soon be confirmed in March when the release of iPad 3 is most expected.

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