Apple iPad Is More Popular In Korea Than Samsung Tablets

Apple and Samsung are locked in a fierce battle over the sales of their tablets and smartphone devices. So far, Apple has well outdone Samsung on both front quite effectively. The latest battlefield that Apple has won over is Korea, the very home ground of Samsung. Although Samsung is perhaps among the most well-known brands in Korea, it’s share in the overall tablet sales in Korea is just a fraction of that of Apple’s share. Apple’s iPad has a market share of 70 to 80 percent in the Korean market.

According to the sales figures of iPad tablets in Korea, Apple has been able to sell well over 1 million tablets so far. Apple’s tablet was introduced in Korea back in November 2010. With such a huge sales figure, Apple’s iPad has taken over Samsung tablets and all Android tablets combined. Clearly, Apple’s tablets invoke greater fondness than any other tablet in the market.

Korean users have a greater tendency to use wi-fi only models of iPad. This clearly shows that Korean users don’t want to be tied to the data plans of local users and that’s why they choose wi-fi only model.

Things seem to have taken a similar turn in the smartphone market. Although Samsung has a whole lot of smartphone models in the market and has greater reach that Apple, Apple outdid the Korean company in it’s overall number of sales in the last quarter of 2011. Although Samsung sold more devices in the whole year of 2011 than Apple, clearly Apple is now surging ahead of Samsung at the rate at which iPhone devices are flying right off the shelf.

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