Apple iPad Now Available Verizon, AT&T Stores

Apple’s iPad is available through Verizon Wireless and AT&T.Verizon is selling the WiFi-only iPad bundled with the Verizon MiFi Mobile Hotspot. The package includes a WiFi iPad and a Novatel MiFi 2200 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot, that gives you access to 3G speeds on Verizon’s data network.

Verizon is offering several different options for potential iPad customers.

* 32GB iPad Wi-Fi + MiFi for $729
* 64GB iPad Wi-Fi + MiFi for $829

* 16GB iPad Wi-Fi for $499
* 32GB iPad Wi-Fi for $599
* 64GB iPad Wi-Fi for $699

Just like AT&T, Verizon is offering data plans on a monthly basis. Customers have four different data plans to choose from.

* 1GB for $20 a month
* 3GB for $35 a month
* 5GB for $50 a month
* 10GB for $80 a month
More significant than the fact that Apple is getting the iPad into more retail stores before the holiday-shopping season is the speculation created by Verizon selling the iPad. For years, people have been speculating about when Verizon will break AT&T’s exclusive hold as the iPhone carrier. Verizon actually selling the iPad gives consumers some hope that an iPhone running on Verizon’s network isn’t so far off.


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